What are the different positions of a lift chair?

Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2011 to * CHAIR GUIDE

What is the difference of a 2-way, 3-way, Wall Hugger and Sleeper (Infinite) Lift Chair?

The difference is the degree that the lift chairs can recline.

2-Way / 2 position lift chairs recline about thirty to thirty-five degrees past center sitting upright position. There are two positions on this chair; sitting upright and slightly reclining. They also lift you to a standing position. These chairs are very comfortable for watching TV or reading. They do not recline all they way back, and are not well suited for sleeping.

3-Way / 3 position lift chairs recline about seventy to seventy-five degrees past center sitting upright position. There are three positions on this chair. Upright sitting position, tv recline, and fully reclined. They also lift you to a standing position.

Infinite Position (Sleeper) Lift Chairs recline slightly farther than a 3 position lift chair. This chair lies flat and if need be, allows the foot rest to be elevated higher. This chair runs on two low-volt motors. One motor controls the back and the other controls the footrest allowing the chair to run each independently.

The Wall Hugger (wall away or zero wall) lift chairs can be placed about four inches from a wall. This lift chair glides forward into the room to fully recline. The motion of the chair brings the ottoman (foot rest) up to your feet before it reclines, allowing you to sit with your feet elevated comfortably. This type of chair is perfect for small living spaces.