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Troubleshooting lift chair electrical components

Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2011 to * PROBLEM / SOLUTION

Troubleshooting your Lift Chair


The most common problem is the chair is not connected to the electrical supply or the electrical supply is not working. This could be due to a tripped breaker or blown fuse in the home, or the outlet the chair is plugged into is controlled by a switch on the wall.

      Solution: Make sure there is electrical current (try plugging a lamp into the outlet the chair is plugged into), and that the cord from the transformer is connected to the outlet.

If the chair is adequately supplied with power and the motor is still non-functional, the problem may be in the hand control, transformer, or motor.

     Solution: Replace the hand control. Since the hand control is used on a daily basis, food or liquid will affect its performance. If you have access to a multimeter, you can do a few simple safe tests to determine what the problem may be.

Test to perform with a multimeter:

1) Check the Transformer / Motor Power Lead

   a) Turn chair on its side and find the leads coming from the motor housing.

   b) At the motor, disconnect the small cord with a two-prong end coming from the transformer.

   c) Plug the chair into the wall, (the Okin motor is a safe 24 low volt system).

   d) Set your multimeter to the DC VOLTS setting, put your RED lead into the SMALLER of the two openings on the cord then your BLACK meter lead into the LARGER opening. If your meter reads from 18-22 volts, then the transformer and transformer lead to the motor are good.

   e) If there is no current reading, then unplug the wire lead coming out of the transformer, and do the same check described above at the transformer. If there is a voltage reading, then the lead from the transformer to the motor is bad. If no voltage reading, then the transformer needs to be replaced.


2) Check Hand Control


   a) Unplug the chair from the power source.

   b) Disconnect the hand control ( quick disconnect ) from the motor connector.

   c) Set your multimeter to the OHMS setting.

Troubleshooting 5 pin lift chair hand control

   d) Using the diagram above, place the RED multimeter lead on PIN 1 of the hand control cord.

   e) Place the BLACK lead on PIN 2.

   f) Press and hold the "recline" switch. A read of zero (0) ohms means the "recline" function of the hand control is operating properly.

   g) Move the BLACK lead to PIN 3.

   h) Press and hold the "lift" switch. A reading of zero (0) ohms means the "lift" function of the hand control is operating properly.

   i) If either test fails, the hand control needs to be replaced.


3) Check the Motor


   a) Unplug the chair from the power source.

   b) At the motor, disconnect the small two prong cord coming from the transformer.

   c) Set your multimeter to the OHMS setting.

   d) Place one lead on each pin coming from the motor.

   e) If less than one (1) ohm is read on the meter, replace the motor.


Motor runs, but chair will not move, or only partially moves, or makes squeaking or creaking noise.


PROBLEM: Metal lift frame is broken, scissor mechanism bent or broken, T-bar disconnected or bent, fork end on lift tube is broken, or cracked.


CAUSE: The most frequent cause of the above problems, is insufficient space between the chair and a wall, where the chair was reclined into the wall causing undue stress on the lift mechanism.


SOLUTION: Turn the chair on its side. Examine the entire base of the chair for bends and breaks. Check the scissor mechanisms for excessive wear or broken welds and or rivets. Examine the wood and the lift frame near the scissors for cracks, or breaks. Check the end of the motor lift tube, where it bolts to the chair; on older chairs it is made of a composite plastic. Newer chairs, it is a diecast part, and is called the fork end of the motor assembly.


Battery backup system not working.


PROBLEM: Batteries may be dead or battery leads may be damaged.


SOLUTION: Batteries need to be changed every 6 months ( a good idea is to do this when you change your smoke detector batteries), or after every time they are activated due to a power failure. If, after you change the batteries, the backup system still doesn't work, examine the battery lead for breaks, cracks, etc. You many need to replace the transformer.


Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.



We are here to help you!

don gideon Date 1/9/2012 1:33:28 PM
i have a berkline lift recliner at home. burkline has since gone out of business.i need to replace the powerpack on the chair. the powerpack is from ciar spa 61122pesaro italy. 120 v 60hz 0.45a 43w duty cycle 1 min on/8min off type su15-01/m1 s.n.2768935 29/10. program; ART N5000808802 BATT 2 9V
ADMIN Date 1/9/2012 2:47:17 PM
Please feel free to contact us about Berkline replacement parts. 866-380-6613
Colleen Bruce Date 1/30/2012 9:24:35 PM
We have been trying to find a rectifier for our lazy boy lift chair. We have replaced the transformer, hand control, and motor.
Bob Date 1/31/2012 7:48:42 AM
If you are referring to the rectifier inline with the trans to motor cable then you can replace that with a standard cable without the rectifier if you have a new transformer. Mostly on the older systems the transformer was AC to AC and the rectifier was used to change the AC voltage to the motor to DC. If you have a new trans it is already DC output voltage.
Martin Rebbec Date 3/6/2012 7:58:09 PM
I have a CIAR spa 61122 transformer for a Berkline reclining sofa that is bad. Do you have a replacement, and if so, what would it cost? Thank you very much. Martin Rebbec
Soleno Batista Date 3/10/2012 10:37:47 AM
Do you have any troubleshooting for the connection box 2802? The power transformer has 5 leads. Do you have a troubleshooting for this transformer?
Tracy Date 4/21/2012 4:43:00 PM
we recieved a lift chair second hand for our home. The first week it was running great. Today we went to use it and it seems as if the switch is not working. The chair does not move up or down. Where do we go to get a new swith? Or how do we order one?
Sylvia Webber Date 6/2/2012 3:10:35 PM
Hi, I would like to know if you also sale parts for Home Theater Electric Recliners. I bought a couple of clearance chairs at Rooms To Go Outlet. It looks like all the parts including the Motor are part of the chairs. I'm thinking maybe the transformer or power pack are no good. Blessings, Mrs. Webber
ADMIN Date 8/22/2012 9:08:50 AM
Please feel free to contact us about any replacement parts. 866-380-6613
martha mcdurmont Date 9/8/2012 12:49:24 PM
my power recline hand control doest work if the chair is up I can hadly get it down. what do I do from here.
ADMIN - LiftChairsRus Help Desk Date 10/8/2012
Most likely the relays in your junction box wore out. Itís also probably an older discontinued SLJ unit. We sell a replacement kit for the up and down function. This would be an added hand control to your chair. You can use your old control to continue to work the heat and massage! SLJ Junction Box Replacement Kit Part Number TESLJKit
Katey Woolam Date 10/8/2012
My had control will make the chair go down, heat button works and the massage button works. I can not get it to work with Up. I took the hand held apart and cleaned the up board (it was black. Still will not work. Any other suggestions? how do I get chair down manually?
Richard Date 11/23/2012
I need the part Tranqilease SLJ2 H-a04-k5 Do you have it or recommend one. I don' t need the heat. Just for it to go up and down.
Brenda Corey Date 12/6/2012
We have a electric recliner fron thomasville that has a control switch on the right side of the chair. The chair is in a reclining position and will not go back down. Could you suggest a solution to our problem. We have turned the key and the switch several times and checked the power source with no success in getting the chair to work. Do you have possible solutions. Thanks Brenda
David Roberts Date 12/22/2012
I do not know my brand of chair but it has your system. Last night I got up with the chair and when I came back nothing works. I can hear a clicking noise when I push the up or down button but nothing happens. The heat and massage work fine. Can a motor go out that quick? How can I get the motor down manually? I need these answered quickly as it is Christmas time and do to my condition I have to sleep in my chair. David
David Roberts Date 12/22/2012
I do not know my brand of chair but it has your system. Last night I got up with the chair and when I came back nothing works. I can hear a clicking noise when I push the up or down button but nothing happens. The heat and massage work fine. Can a motor go out that quick? How can I get the motor down manually? I need these answered quickly as it is Christmas time and do to my condition I have to sleep in my chair. David
dsobieski Date 4/11/2013
We have a ALC lift chair with a number 5771 and it needs a new lift control cord with the right angle 5 prong plug in. Please advise. thank you
ADMIN Date 4/11/2013
If you are inquiring about the hand control, we carry this angle with our Standard two button hand control with quick disconnect extention. Part Number: OKstdHCQK If you have sleeper style chair, we also have the hand control with this angle. Part Number: INF-HC-QCK
sharmin mcwhorter Date 4/17/2013
My grandma has a chair with a desert transformer. It doesn't work and the transformer clicks when you press the op button on the switch. What could be wrong? She needs it repaired ASAP! Thanks
vicki strey Date 6/6/2013
Hi I recently purchased a used sealy lift chair from am auction and it is called the relaxer and has a control with heat and massage but I was told it needs a battery? I looked under it and I see a power type cord its not plug into the wall kind tho it's a circle and has a few lil prong type things in the middle area. I keep looking to figure out how I can find the part(s) I need yo make ut work. My husband is in desperate need of this chair as he has a very bad back and would really benefit fro
linda Date 7/9/2013
I bought a used lazy boy chair with a okin power pack but no 6 point pin remote control,how can find what model and remote I need? thanks
Brenda Date 8/26/2013
My dad has a catnapper lift chair. He is having a lot of trouble accidentally locking it and is in a panic if he can't get up. Is there someway to disconnect the lock button all together either in the motor or in the remote control.
Luis Caro Date 10/29/2013
My aunt has a tranquil lift 2802HL TE. Heat and massage commands work well but up and down commands don't work at all. Could it be the remote?
Luis Caro Date 10/29/2013
My aunt has a tranquil lift 2802HL TE. Heat and massage commands work well but up and down commands don't work at all. Could it be the remote?
patrick stratz Date 1/2/2014
I have a tranquil ease lift chair. It has massage and heat. Everything works but the heat. Upon checking I found a box with a cord coming off with a small pin male connector and a two prong female end. Can't figurefigure out where it plugs in. Any suggestions?
Ron Boger Date 1/11/2014
How can I troubleshoot a 1ML-luxury lift Lazy-Boy recliner that the massage feature quit working?
Mike Date 1/25/2014
My father-in-laws chair stopped in the up position. The Dewert Motorized Systems Inc, motor?, Megamat Plus MB1 (P/N: 992.075.001) has an occasional click sound when pushing the down button. Does this sound like a relay-transformer-motor problem? Do I replace the whole unit? Which newer part?Thanks
Darrell Race Date 2/10/2014
I need a Okin PD 13 power supply for a newer Lazyboy chair. Do you carry this part? Thanks..............
rudy Date 3/7/2014
can someone tell me how to connect the motor wires to the drive? I forgot what colors go to which when I took it apart. I have a okin single lift deltadrive. thanks
Jeannie Wright Date 3/9/2014
Have a Sealy Lift recliner RELAXOR. Heat and massage work but chair will not recline or lift.
Chuck Patterson Date 3/13/2014
I have a Berkline recliner with a hand switch p/n CRRNDSW. The wires going into the telephone type connector from the switch have broken off and I cannot get the recliner to go down. I have discovered that the telephone type connector is approximately 1/16" of an inch wider than a standard telephone connector and I have not been able to identify this connector and none of the electrical contractors in my area can put a part number on it. Do you have a part number for this connector? Thank you.
christine Date 4/1/2014
Hi my mom has a golden technologies chair purchased in 2008. Hand controller recently started to malfunction, it will start to lift legrest then stops. The other day she was trying to operate the controller and smoke started to come from the right armrest. Needless to say the footrest is in mid position. What could be the problem
Richard Walker Date 5/7/2014
i have a okin recliner does anyone have the wiring diagrams for the pcb board as i have accindentally pulled the wiring out these are the red/black/brown wires the terminals are w101a w101b w101c does anybody know which wires goes to which terminals ? cheers
Jenni Date 6/1/2014
My father has a catnapper lift chair. Recently it has started working periodically. Sometimes when working it just slows down and stops. If I unplug it and plug it in a few times it will work again but only for a short time - not really sure if that is making a difference or not. What part could be failing on it? The chair is only a year old but we bought it used so there is no warranty.
gracielamlopez Date 6/23/2014
Our chairlift can only go down the stairs. It makes the beeping sound, that it gets the command. The chair gets the commands, but it wont go up the stairs
april Date 6/25/2014
Hello I'm a caregiver. My client has a lift chair. It lifts up but won't recline. As its trying to go down you can hear a pop noise. When she sits in it and tries to recline, she can feel it popping like its out if line. I don't know what brand it is but really want some help please!!
Les Foerster Date 7/15/2014
My Okin JLDQ motor for a power recliner chair shorted out. I'm desperately looking for a replacement to no avail. It's an Okin Refined R motor with serial #6.156.333I. It has a hardwired lead off the motor to a splitter that has a 5 pin plug and a flat/round pin plug. Can find anywhere. Got any ideas. I've been searching for days with no luck. Help!
Tom Wright Date 7/30/2014
I need a Okin transformer with a 3 pin transformer extension for a Laz Z Boy lift chair with power recliner. ACK# 701120352-050-006. Can you get?
Sharon Bartl Date 8/21/2014
I have 4 recliners that I have redone (they were in a flood). The recliners will not recline. They each have an Okin Betadrive Do you have these and if so how much do they cost. If you don't have them where can I purchase one. I have already replaced the switching power supply. I am planning on replacing the side control button also.
Annie Kane Date 9/1/2014
my father has one of your chairs it is Modle 7051-3 it is stuck the the foot up and back is laying back it will not go down. Can you please help us
Danita Ludwig Date 9/4/2014
chair model 7051-3 when I pugged into the electrical outlet, all the lights on the remote start blinking on and off. This is every button all the colors lite up. I tested the lift and recline buttons work, I did test the heat or the massage. I looked at the transformer the battery back up has no batteries installed. Is that what the problem is or would there be more to it? Please help? Sincerely, Danita Ludwig
Ron Rook Sr. Date 9/5/2014
Folks, Just received a new (?) up/down hand controller. It's a 5 pin just like my old one. However, it doesn't work. What do I need to do to check it out? BUT I shouldn't have to do anything when I bought a new one to replace my old unit. Ron
Mike Johnson Date 10/11/2014
would like to order a lift chair remote I bought from Sam's. It is dark brown like first in Sam's display. It has 8 prongs in the connector to chair.
Jenny Date 11/10/2014
Lazy Boy luxury lift chair. The foot will not go down. Everything else works fine. I've checked connections to make sure they're plugged in good. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
Dan Sullivan Date 11/21/2014
Hello, Before I go and buy a new motor I'd like to make sure that this is an issue that can't be fixed. My recliner all of a sudden started making a clicking in the motor as it's going up. No noise when it goes down!! Other than losing a couple pounds is there snything I can do to fix? Thanks, Dan
Sherry Goldberg Date 12/14/2014
My Mom has a catnapper lift chair. Just started working periodically. When working it just slows down and stops. What part could be failing on it? The chair is only a year old
Robert Date 12/21/2014
Heater not working Tell what todo 301-751 6125
Robert Date 12/21/2014
Heater does not work
garry giovanini Date 12/22/2014
I have a power recliner that the footrest would not retrack looking at hand control it has no power to it.Checking it out at the transformer I have 110vac going in and 39.9 to 40.0vdc coming out instead of 18-24vdc.I checked the motor is ok and I still need to check the hand controller. Thanks, Garry Giovanini
garry giovanini Date 12/22/2014
Please let me know what could be wrong. Thanks, Garry Giovanini
Lolly bagwell Date 1/2/2015
New catnapper vendor no 1800-53 chair ..heating function won't stop even when off chair overheating afraid of fire, pls advise
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