How to Install an Actuator (motor) in a Lift Chair

Posted by Administrator on 11/1/2011 to * HOW TO
Installing An Actuator (motor) In A Lift Chair 

 1. With the chair upside down, install the actuator (motor) by positioning the tube end into the chair. 

 2. Make sure the ottoman is completely closed. 

 3. Attach the bottom of the motor first, the label side of the motor should be towards you (facing the bottom of the chair). Install the clevis pin through the lift into the motor end. Secure with p-clip.

 4. The tube end can now be connected to the front of the chair. By slightly lifting the lift near the back of the chair you can manipulate the tube end of the actuator to allow the clevis pin to be inserted into the hole. Secure with p-clip. 

 5. Secure the hand control and transformer cord into the loop on the motor to secure it. 

 6. The hand control cord should be tie wrapped to the cross member of the lift and then through the largest opening on the side of the lift and secure with a cable holder into the wood bottom of the chair. The hand control cord should go through the pocket and keep the quick disconnect in the pocket. The hand control cord should also be attached just under the outside arm with another cord clip.

 7. The transformer cord should be tie-rapped to the bottom leg of the lift.