HOW TO replace scissors on a 3 way, position lift chair

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3-Way Scissor Replacement

The chair should be upside down with the seat resting on something solid. Remove the pin for the motor and raise the lift allowing better access to the inside of the chair.


* Remove the staples holding the back panel to the rear of the chair

* Remove the rubber bumpers on the rear of the chair

* Loosen the nuts holding the scissors to the chair. 2 sets of double nuts on either side of the chair.

* Remove the wood screw holding the scissors to the side of the chair located in between the 2 sets of nuts just removed.

* Remove the pin holding the T-bar to the lift

* Watching the bolts that the nuts were removed from, lift the arms up ( a second person for this step is a back saver) and set on the floor behind the chair.

* You now have complete access to both scissors and can remove the remaining 2 sets of double nuts on either side  scissors on the chair. There is also a screw in the center you need to remove.

* There are another 2 bolts and screws holding the back to the scissors that can be removed at this time. Make note of which holes the bolts come through on the scissors.

* Remove the screws in the ottoman board. Notice the end of the scissors on the ottoman are an "L" and face toward each other.



* Attach scissors to the side of the chair. 2 sets of double nuts on either side of the chair. Don't tighten at this point. It will make attaching the back a little more difficult if they are tight.

* Position the back into the scissors and find the appropriate holes to attach the bolts and tighten the 2 sets of double nuts on either side of the chair adding the wood screws.

* The sides that were attached in the 1st step can now be tightened and the screw can be added in the middle.

* The ottoman can also be attached.

* Lift the arms up over the chair ( that second person comes in handy again at this point) and set them on the scissors. It might be a little tricky getting the bolts to set into the scissors but with persistence, they will seat. Make sure the bolts for the arms are as far forward as they can go and double nut all 4 bolts. Add the wood screw.

* Attach the T0bar and the motor.

* Before stapling the rear fabric in place set the chair upright and ride it to assure everything is in working order.

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