HOW TO replace a seat on a lift chair

Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2011 to * HOW TO

SEAT REPLACEMENT (3-way chair)


Here are the basic steps to replace a seat:


  1. Remove the lift.
    1. There should be 4 bolts, and 4 screws holding the lift into the base of the chair. Cut the wire-tie holding the hand control on. Take the pin out of the motor where it is connected to the T-bar. Remove the other motor pin that connects the motor to the lift. You should now be able to remove the lift mechanism.


  1. Remove the back
    1. Pull the staples holding the back fabric to the bottom of the chair. Remove the 2 rubber bumpers on the bottom, towards the back. There is a piece of fabric covering the “scissors ear”  that connects the seat to the back. Remove the staples and take off this piece of fabric from both sides. The bolts and screws connecting the back to the seat should now be exposed. Remove the bolts and screws from both sides, the back should now come off.


  1. Remove the scissors
    1. Remove the bolts and screws holding the scissors to the seat.


  1. Remove the T-bar,
    1. Take notice as to where it is because it must be put onto the new seat in the same place. The ¼ “ gap where the T-bar almost touches the lift above the motor connection is critical.  The mounting of the wings should be approximately a ¼” just above the board where the seat foam is.


  1. Remove footboard
    1. Remove the staples holding the flap from the footboard to the seat


Now the seat can be replaced. It should be put together the same way  - except for one thing - When putting it back together, install the T-bar last in order to make sure it fits properly.