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General Solutions to Lift Chair Problems

Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2011 to * PROBLEM / SOLUTION

Lift Chair Problems and Possible Causes or Items to Check:


ProblemPossible Solutions
1. The following problems can be caused by the scissors being bent, broken or loose (working themselves loose over time).Many issues can be remedied by tightening or replacing the bent scissors*
    * Making a clicking noise    * Also Check motor
    * Lift Chair is dropping   
    * Footrest is not closing all the way    * Chaise pad may be caught
    * Chair is making a popping noise 
    * Chair has one side touching the floor first    * Also check T-Bar and electrical connections
       * Also check rubber bumpers
2. Chair is sitting crooked  
     * Seat foam has broken down due to user favoring one side    * Check scissors bolts, ground level or rubber bumpers
3. Lift Chair has stopped working    * Check all electrical connections, replace either motor, hand control or transformer. See document also.
*Scissors Tightening
            Always loosen outer nut first before tightening inside nut. Once inside is tight, then tighten outside nut snug to inside nut.
T-Bar Replacement
            Gap should be 3/16 in close position. T0bar wings should be mounted 1/4 from edge of seat rail closest to seat springs
Janice Date 3/30/2012 12:54:32 PM
my mom has a pride gl358mgteb sn. L4707903111F20 .. It raised all the way up and won't go down.. The motor makes a clicking sound when you move the switch down.. Any advice?
john newsom Date 4/6/2012 4:10:09 PM
my mom has a ALC lift chair that needs the "t bar" frame piece replaced due to it being bent. ALC is no longer in business and need replacement parts for her chair. Model number is Q0972 serial number is 1234689160.
rob owens Date 7/28/2012 8:05:25 AM
have a pride lift chair and it drops sometimes going to up position what could that be.
Admin. Date 7/30/2012 11:16:31 AM
Any questions that cannot be answered above, feel free to contact us to resolve your problem. 866-380-6613
Sean Mc Carthy Date 7/25/2013
Okin lift chair. Recently the lift chair has stopped working. I purchased a new transformer from amazon but that does not seem to be the solution. When I plug in the transformer it makes a clicking sound. The chair is a couple of years old so maybe its the motor.
Admin Date 7/25/2013
The clicking sound typically indicates a stripped gear in the motor. A new motor should solve your problem. Feel free to contact us to resolve your problem.
Dwight Libby Date 8/8/2013
Hello we have a power lift chair..with an okin delta drive actuator.3R0092-3R3754.It is making a clicking sound when I get it to the up position ..does this mean that I need a new motor or can this be greased/oiled or lubed. thank you
janet walls Date 8/30/2013
I have an okin electric recliner SP2-B. I bought it used 4 years ago. the problem is that it rose by itself to the fully upright position and won't go down. the hand control felt warm to touch but had now cooled down since no supply to it. there is a green light that comes on the power supply black box but no light to the hand controls. I turned it off for hald hr to see if it will reset but no luck. I will be going to store to see if 2 9-volt batteries will work at least to lower it, but any suggestions if that won't work and what you think might be you the parts if you suggest a part and how much?
Cynthia Monfee Date 1/13/2014
My mom has a lift chair, and in a nursing home. I don,t have the model at the moment. The lights are working on the remote and on the box that sits on the floor but it will not do anything.Any suggestions
Bryan Warner Date 1/17/2014
The lift chair moves much slower than in the beginning. It will not lift as far back as it once did. I am assuming the motor is going out, instead of any of the other components. Any thoughts on this ?
Tristian Moeller Date 4/26/2014
I don't know what to do with mine, because I have a lift chair that isn't un-reclining.
Shirley Wiram Date 6/22/2014
Seems to be wood footrest grating against attachment bolts and making noise when going up or down. I purchased this from a 80 year old lady whose husband died from ALS. She said he only used it about 3 times because she had to lift him and could not. Finally finding one that was actually new except it has sat unused for 2 years that I could afford I am really disappointed. I did not hear the noise at her house but now it's always there. What can I do?
Frank Rogers Date 8/3/2014
The plastic bracket on the motor housing (where the lift bar attaches) is weakening and the pin now slips out when trying to recline the chair. Not sure if it is suppose to be open ended or if it's broke, but the pin slips through. Is there a way to fix this>
Frank O'Connor Date 10/23/2014
I have Okin recliner. It made a lot noise when moving loudest when going to the upright position. I laid the chair on it's side to lube the moving parts with WD-40. I moved the chair mechanism with the control switch. It was in the almost full extended position when I stopped. Did the lube job tried to put the chair in the up position and now it will not respond to the switch commands. I checked all the connections and there is power to the control box. Not sure what to look for next. Can I use a paper clip as a probe to meter the rest of the system? The probes on the meter are to big for the connections. Any suggestions? Thank you, Frank
Terri D Date 2/17/2015
We have an Okin Deltadrive lift hair. It lifted up but now it will not go down. We bought this at a 2nd hand store so we don't have a manual to refer to....any ideas on how to get it down? Thanks!
Letha Date 2/25/2015
I have my mom's lift chair so I'm not sure of the model.It raises up and down just fine,but when you raise it the right side of the footrest is crooked,then when youlwer it,it makes a popping sound.Any suggestions I would love to fix it for sentimental reasons.
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